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CCBR Blueprint




Clinical Research sites

CCBR invests in facilities strategically located to take advantage of access to patient populations. Our research centres are dedicated to clinical research and are configured, equipped and staffed to optimize the work of recruiting and treating patients.

Investigator Site Staff

All CCBR Clinical Research staff are part of the CCBR organization and dedicated to clinical research. Therapeutic Area Specialists, Physicians, Study Nurses, Study Coordinators and Technicians around the world are recruited, trained and managed to the same high standards required for the delivery of our services.

The Patient

At CCBR we recognize that the patient is the priority and we engage with the patient throughout the clinical trial. From recruitment and enrolment through to the end of the study, our dedicated clinical research staff are focused on ensuring that the patient is treated, not only in compliance with the protocol, but at all times with care and respect.

Project Management

CCBR project managers are all trained in clinical development and provide a central point of contact for sponsor and CRO clinical operations. From contracting, study start up and ongoing management of clinical site activities, CCBR reduces the burden of site management for clinical study teams.


CCBR has developed quality in processes and procedures that are standardized and validated throughout our network of clinical research centres. Clinical research is conducted to the same high standards of quality and compliance across the globe.



Study Delivery

With unmatched access to patient populations and permanent, trained clinical research professionals, CCBR enrols and retains high numbers of patients at individual sites, countries or across whole studies resulting in earlier completion and availability of study data.

Cost Effectiveness

Through consistent success in enrolment and retention of high numbers of patients at our dedicated clinical research sites, CCBR has demonstrated lower costs per patient. At the country or study level, sponsors and CRO’s can complete clinical research with fewer sites and reduce overall costs of study delivery.

Quality and Reliability

Our quality driven approach to standardization of processes, systems and training results in predictable and reliable investigator site performance and world class data integrity.

The CCBR ‘Blueprint’ enables sponsors to bring new drugs faster to market.