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About CCBR

History of CCBR

CCBR (Center for Clinical and Basic Research) was founded in 1992 by Dr. Claus Christiansen and Dr. Bente Riis. The main objective was to introduce a new concept, combining science and highly efficient patient recruitment to drug development programs within women’s health, especially osteoporosis. With this new concept of a clinic entirely dedicated to the development of clinical trials, the initial pieces of the CCBR Blueprint were designed.

What began in 1992 with just a single research center in Ballerup, Denmark, expanded from 1993- 1995 with 2 more Danish clinics in Aalborg and Vejle, respectively.

In 2001 the first research center outside Denmark was established in Tallinn, Estonia.

From 2003 to 2006 further clinics in Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, China, Hong Kong and Brazil were founded.

In 2006, CCBR merged with Synarc and the company changed to become CCBR-Synarc. Synarc is a science based world leader within imaging analysis within device and drug development programs and both CCBR and Synarc are benefiting from the complementary services CCBR-Synarc can offer to our partners in the industry.

In early 2011 Dr. Hans Chr. Hoeck was appointed as CEO of CCBR. Since 2011 CCBR has expanded its global presence operating more than 20 clinics in combination with several strategic partnerships in Europe, Latin America and Asia. With a total capacity of 25.000 trial subjects CCBR has now positioned itself as one of the world’s largest organizations dedicated to conducting clinical trials.

In 2013, CCBR-Synarc partnered with Water Street Healthcare Partners, a strategic investor focused exclusively on the healthcare industry.  Water Street’s team has years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector and an extensive network of relationships and resources to support CCBR-Synarc with achieving our goals for future growth and expansion.  Together, we developed and are executing a strategic growth plan to build on CCBR-Synarc’s unique combination of scientific acumen, local market knowledge and proprietary technology.

In March 2014, CCBR-Synarc merged with the American company Bioclinica to create a leading global provider of specialized outsourced clinical services. The combined company will offer a portfolio of services uniquely tailored to conducting and managing global clinical trials on behalf of the world’s premier pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.